EXXO Techs

Freelance in IT services and software development for professionals, liberals and individuals in Luxemburg.

“New challenges are coming faster and faster. We are there to help you to stand out.”

Our passion: Technologies

   We try to be always at the cutting edge of technology and we are learning as much as possible about what will be the trend of tomorrow. However, we must remain vigilant. We are here to help you make the right compromise between successful digital transformation, modernism and security.

Our techs
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Our ADN: Expertise

   Young but experienced. Experts but versatile (like its logo). We are the company of contradiction, of the absurd. We do everything in our power to stand out from the crowd ! Exxo Techs is the technology service company if you want to stand out from the crowd yourself. At the moment we are making websites but other services and tools will be arriving very soon.

About us

Our motivation: the planet

   Another challenge of the 21st century, sustainable development and nature. Technology should not rhyme with hypocrisy. We can therefore offer you solutions that will limit your carbon footprint. In parallel we write travel stories and “green” articles to break the myth of polluting technology.

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Our source of inspiration: Humans

    In an increasingly digital and changing world, the risk of losing contact increases. The man approaches the machine. At Exxo Techs, despite our technological advance, you will always have a human in front of you. So contact us!

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Our standards: Privacy

  Protecting your data is our priority "blah blah ..."
The best way to protect your data on this page ? No collection !
If you too are fed up with false promises or if you want to protect your customers intelligently and be compliant, stay tuned! A GDPR service will open very soon. We already have experience in this area.

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